How to wear your silk scarf ?


The Ourse Blanche silk square is an accessory to wear easily on a daily basis: around the neck, in the hair, hanging from your handbag, or even on a bare back! This tutorial gives you some quick and easy ideas to achieve the feminine and daring looks.

Give free rein to your desires and your imagination to choose your favorite way to wear it!

Fold your silk square

Before embarking on the ideas of scarf worn, you must first know how to make the two basic folds:

  • the point fold: fold a corner of the square towards the one opposite it to obtain a triangle
  • the fold in the length: to obtain a band (see the tutorial drawing).

In each of the following litter ideas, it will be specified what type of basic fold is adopted.

These ways of folding are valid for large and small squares.

Tie a small silk square around your neck

The small silk square is very rarely seen. It gives a purified, retro style that has character!

Fold your small square lengthwise to obtain a band, then simply tie it at the side, using a double knot to prevent it from slipping.

Worn with a boat neck top, or with a neckline leaving the shoulders above, your small square will reveal a playful and very feminine character to your outfit, irresistible!

Converting your scarf into a bare back

In order to make yourself a pretty silk top, you need a large square of silk, with a minimum size of 90 by 90 cm.

Tie two ends of the square together, and pass your head inside the formed circle. Then tie the other two ends at the lower back.

To vary, you can also twist the first knot twice to have a tightening at the level of the throat, and strip more of the front of the shoulders.

Worn with a skirt, shorts, or high waisted pants, your silk top will give you a look that is both dressed and light, very easy to do.

Do your hair with your silk square headband

For a romantic style, in the spirit of the roaring twenties, the large 90 cm silk square is the perfect accessory.

Fold your scarf lengthwise, cross the two sides once in front of the head (without knotting them), then tie a knot at the back of the head. Finally, hide the ends that protrude inside the headband.

For a small square, it will only be necessary to tie it on the front, and hide the flaps that protrude under the knot.

Vintage hairstyle with a silk square

The headband hairstyle with the big bow in front will give you a retro look and a nice girly touch to your outfit!

To do this, fold your large square lengthwise, and tie a large knot at the front of the head.

Bold hairstyle, it highlights the face and gives a beautiful head bearing.

How to tie your scarf as a headband in your hair?

Idea for a small or a large silk scarf.

For a very simple hairstyle to make that gives a charming style to Brigitte Bardot, fold your large silk square lengthwise to obtain a thin headband; apply it on the top of the head and tie a double knot in the nape of the neck. You can tie the knot slightly to the side, just behind the ear.

Hair can be let loose and pulled back to the face, or tied to the side.

Wear your silk scarf with a ring

Easy to use and which gives a different type of wear and drape to your square, the timeless ring is an essential accessory.

Fold your scarf into a point to get a triangle, and place the point behind your back. Bring the two ends of your scarf in front of you, and put them in a ring.

Do not hesitate to raise the ring well towards the beginning of your neck to give volume to the sides.

This idea of ​​worn can be applied to large and small squares.