Make you silk square last for life

Ourse Blanche’s silk scarves have been carefully made up with the best silk in order to meet the highest quality standards. Particularly soft and fine, our silk twill is also selected for its capacity to resist the small snags of life.

A silk scarf is a timeless piece that can be worn throughout life, and that is transmitted. To keep it for a long time, here are our maintenance tips.

Hand wash your piece of silk in lukewarm water very quickly. Use Marseille soap. Wring it out by wrapping it in a dry towel. Dry flat, avoiding direct exposure to the sun (temperature too extreme). Iron with an iron set to a temperature between 120 and 130 ° C, with a cloth between the silk and the iron or a good Teflon sole.

And if you have any doubts, the easiest way is to take it to the laundry for a dry wash, where professionals will take care of your item.